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ok this is just crepy but it is fun

Thank you so much for playing our game <3 


i have not beeting it yet thow but i will

both the first and the second demo files dont work and cant open them or extract them

Can you explain it more specifically? What problem is it when you extract them?

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idk like the files r damaged or something, and it just fails to extract them

Can you download it again? It seems to work fine for me.

alright lemme try


I love the story, the concept, the art and everything about this game. I did search about the syndrome actually since I was curious about the game name. I'm definitely recommending this game to my friends!


Thank you so much for the compliment! I hope you look forward to the full game release!

Absolutely! I'm curious tho, how many endings there is? 2? 


there are two endings depending on what you have in the inventory, and 1 secret ending.


So after digging in the game,  I found all the 3 endings for the second demo, now time to dig in the first demo. Pretty interesting, great job! 


wow, that's incredible! Good job!

The first demo has only one ending and one alternative ending which no one hasn't found it yet from my knowledge.


Ok. Ok. So. I got only ONE ending, as far as I can tell, but I do must say I loved the concept. Please tell me I was right with the whole capgras syndrom thingy, and do tell me there's more to come :D
(Also i am sorry about being certified idiot for not unlocking all the ndings :з)

Yo, you did it good! You are right about the syndrome, the game in some ways based on the Capgras syndrome, when a patient starts to see their relatives or their love ones like family, friend as an impostor, as someone has replaced them. 

Anyway, I really enjoyed your playthrough, man. I hope you enjoyed it and look forward for the full game!


yo thank for vietnamese version , and why you make it?

I made it purely from my hobbies and interest of RPG Maker horror games.

no , i ask why you make the vietnamese version :V

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well. I liked it even if I played It out of order XD

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It's fine that you played it out of order, since both demo are seperate stories XD, anyways, thank you so much for playing the demo! I really enjoyed your playthrough!


this was really amazing ..:) 


WOW! Thank you so much for playing the game! I have been following your channel for a while and this is really great! 


I accidentally broke out of the play area, but I enjoyed the experience!

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wow, I didn't realize that you have already commented here, how could I have missed this? lol, anyways, thank you so much for playing my game! I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

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I played both first demo and the second one and I really enjoyed it.

The atmosphere is great and very unsettling, the horror element is well done, the lack of background musics really enhances the experience, only hearing your footsteps and random noises in the enviroment is terrifying, the art style is really cool and pretty, the puzzle is very good (the first demo has better puzzles, but the second demo has more interesting puzzles in terms of concept and ideas, I just wish it has more hints since solving puzzles in the second demo is kinda harder than the first demo in my opinion because it somewhat lacks information), and the story is very interesting and I'm looking forward to see what's happened.

This game has potential to become a great game just like Mad Father or Ib. You deserve recognition!! Looking forward for more updates of the game!

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WOW thank you so much for your feedback! 

I understand that the puzzle is pretty difficult because there is not much information, so I will try to improve it in the full game!

No problem! I'm excited to see more!


-DEMO 1-

This was a fun and unique game! I love the obscurity and inspiration you guys have gathered from other successful RPG Horrors. Here's a vid of my playthrough if anyone is interested :) 

(Also the music that starts at 18:14 was copyright claimed, so I had to change it)

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yo, thank you so much for playing the demo! I'm glad that you enjoyed it and gives us feedback about the game. 

I was pretty surprised when you played it since I've been watching your old RPG maker tutorial videos on Youtube a long time ago, so this is very great!


I played the first game and it was the first game to actually scare me or give me this unsettling feeling that most horror games try to get
Honestly you and your games deserve more attention
I see that a lot of work has been put into the two games and i love them so much
Also i made a piece of fanart for the first game

i really hope you like it


WOW you are the first person who drew a fanart for my game,I'm speechless (T__T) !! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game and hopefully you will enjoy the full game as well! Thank you so much for the artwork! I really love it! <3


I can't wait to see more updates from you in the future! 
And also you're very welcome uwu

Have a nice day/night


was i supposed to play the first demo before the second cuz i just assumed it was an updated version,,,


no, you can play them seperately since these are different stories with different characters. 

ok thanks!


finally did the part 2 and i really curious on the electric cube i might have unlocked a new ending or i might die like how i flick that switch XD anyway it was a good game i really wanna play the full version of the game


Thank you, man! The electronic cube leads to another ending just like the crowbar.


Game hay qua. Minh rat thich thay game duoc lam boi nguoi Viet tren trang boi vi minh cung la mot developer (minh la dev cua game "Don't Do It"). Rat mong duoc choi game khi game co them updates :)

thanks bạn nhiều lắm <3 rất vui khi thấy người Việt vào trang để góp ý cho game của mình, mình cảm ơn nhé !

Khi nào rảnh mình sẽ check qua game của bạn làm nhé.


Here's my second video for ya. Got a bit stuck on this one, but nice overall feel.

I’m glad that you played the second demo. There’s a note with a drawing of an elevator that has a door underneath it, that’s the clue you’re missing


Oh, i assumed that was telling me about the guy downstairs.


AMAZINGG i love rpg maker  horror games and im actually terrified on the game atmosphere that shows how bad i am when im playing a horror game xD will play the second part soon

omg thank you so much for playing the demo, your playthrough is hilarious and fun to watch! I'm glad that you enjoyed the demo and hopefully you will enjoy the second demo as well! keep up with good work!!


I think I liked the first one more but this one had a better twist.

Thank you so much man! I'm really enjoy your video and some of your theories about the game <3 

Also, you should check the other option - the electronic cube, since it leads to another ending that ties with the first demo.


I liked the first demo. My saves didn't work if I exited the game but it wasn't too long for that to matter. I'll try the second one soon.

I'm not so sure about the save files issue because I didn't encounter it, maybe I will check it out. Thank you so much for playing the demo <3 


I gave the second demo a shot and game's shaping to be a cut above the other rpg horror games. Atmosphere is on point though it could use a little bit more jump scares or at least some unsettling moments. Otherwise, it's a good game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


Yo thank you so much for playing my game and give feedback ;) I'm glad that you enjoyed the demo. I also checked your youtube channel and your contents are really nice! Keep up with good work, man!


Oh and I didn't know that you are Vietnamese, that's very interesting.


Looking good so far. Needs a few more spooks.

Thank you so much for playing the demo! I’m glad that you enjoyed the game. The second demo is a seperate game with new character, new locations, new story, so if you are interested, you can have a look and give it a try ;)


Are the demos part 1 and part 2 or is "second demo" a newer version?

it’s a two seperate demo.


This was a good play I know this was only a demo and I can't wait to see what you have in store for this game. Love the idea and story too. 

YO THIS IS SO GOOD!! I really love your video and your content! Thank you so much for playing my demo and give it some feedback. Keep up with good work!!


This seems like a very interesting game but the walking sound effect gives me a headache :( would it be possible to add a settings menu to turn it off/make it quieter?

Unfortunately no, I will try to tone down the sound effect a bit more because there are some people who also complain about the sound effect issues. Thank you for your feedback <3

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I'm still confused, but I think I'm starting to understand everything!

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WOAHH THIS IS HUGE <3 thank you so much for playing my demo and make a video about it. There is also a second demo that if you are interested you can give it a try, <3

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Game này là người Việt Nam làm hả??
Thấy hay hay với có phụ đề Việt là khoái rồi
Nhưng không có tiền donate:'(( sorry

Thanks bạn nhiều lắm <3 

Bạn down game về rồi chơi là ủng hộ mình nhiều lắm rồi, không donate cũng không sao đâu ^^


Question: Is this still in production as the label says, or is it complete?

The game is still in progress as it is not finished. You can play the demo tho


J'ai joué au jeu dès qu'il est sorti. J'ai adoré !! Je ne peux pas attendre pour voir la suite ! ♥


Thank you for your support. Have you played the demo?